Traduttori e videomakers!

E’ stato indetto un bellissimo concorso destinato ai videomakers che vogliono sperimentare la loro arte concentrandosi sulla figura del traduttore…

Il traduttore esiste? Shakespeare scrisse in inglese ma i suoi sonetti sono stati letti in tutto il mondo (ma proprio tutto) per merito di chi? Come si chiama colui che ha tradotto Shakespeare in Russia? E colui che l’ha tradotto in Spagna? E in Italia? Il traduttore è davvero invisibile  Dategli visibilità videomakers! Penso se lo meriti almeno un po’!

Di seguito il regolamento…

Literary translators don’t exist. That’s what you’d often think looking at the press, book reviews, book covers… You’d think books are magically written in all sorts of languages at once. Shakespeare wrote his sonnets in English, but they are read all over the world in Russian, German, Swedish, Catalan… So literary translators do exist. Help make us visible.

CEATL, the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations (, is calling for video artists to create sparky and clever short films reflecting the existence and importance of literary translators, their challenges, and their role in literature. Videos up to three minutes long are accepted, and a prize of 1000 Euros will be awarded for the winner before International Translation Day, the 30th of September 2013.

In 2012 the first prize went to Origami Videography (Gianpiero Mendini and Stefania Da Pont from Italy); a second prize was accredited to Erlantz Biderbost and his team (Mexico).

Contest rules:
-Videos up to three minutes long are accepted.
-A link to a low quality version of the films shall be submitted to before September 1st 2013. Selected participants will be asked for a high quality video to be exhibited by CEATL member associations.
-CEATL secures the right to use the winning video(s) to promote literary translators. Should CEATL wish to use other videos for its purposes, the permission of the artist/artists shall be requested. CEATL will not pass the videos to any parties other than CEATL member associations. CEATL will not use the videos for economic profit.
– CEATL will post all the videos to a webpage that will be created specially for the contest and where everybody can vote for the videos.
-The CEATL jury will consider the ten most popular videos (by September 8th 2012), and choose a winner from among them.
-CEATL member associations will exhibit the videos and organize press conferences promoting the winning video(s).
-The winner will be announced on September the 16th and awarded 1000 Euros.
-Offensive videos will be removed from the contest.
-The jury has the right not to award the prize, or to split it between two participants in the event of a tie.
-The jury will not enter into correspondence (or any other contact with participants) about its decision.



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